Hey Cupcakers,

You all know that I love instagram, it brings together communities of people who wouldn’t necessarily have met under other circumstances. One of the very special people I have met over Instagram is my friend Simon. He is a male version of me. He loves all things cute and kawaii and has a special love for Disney! He agreed to chat to me ahead of Hyper Japan in a couple weeks time, where we’ll hopefully meet in person for the first time. Exciting!!

Hey Simon! Thanks for agreeing to have a chat with me ? How’s everything going? What have you been up to recently?

Hey lovely, I’m great thank you! I’ve been travelling quite a bit with work which has been great as I’ve beeen able to explore lots of new places!

So you’ve been steadily increasing your Instagram followers! What’s your secret? ?

I guess I’ve had Instagram for a while but only started to seriously use it last year. I started to post a little more regulary and found my feet as to what I liked to upload. I’ve made some amazing friends through IG, which without the platform I would have never met. With over a billion users it’s the perfect place to find like minded people, whatever your passions. For the first time in my life I’ve been able to be myself, and post things that geuinly make me happy, without being judged. I guess my advice for anyone starting with IG who wants to build a little community is to post things that make you happy, engage with people who also post things you like, and try and be consistent. Most of all don’t take it too seriously and have FUN!

Taken from Instagram

How important do you think Instagram is for communities of people (i.e. Kawaii lovers!) to keep in touch!

Social Media is a massive part of communities. Especially for the super niche Kawaii, J fashion communities. In places like the UK where you may be the only person in your town with that interest, through platforms like Facebook and IG you can quickly find people from all over the world who are like minded and share your passions. It’s amazing for the younger generation who can connect with people at the click of a button.

Now social media can be used for negative purposes, and a lot of mental health issues in young people can stem from their use in social media, what is your opinion of that topic?

Mental Health is a topic super close to my heart as it is something I have battled all my life. The common challenges for mental health sufferers is a feeling of being un worthy, lonely and depressed. Regardless of your diagnoses these are regular symptoms experienced within MH. Social Media can provide both the relief of connecting with others who share similar challenges, and a platform to voice your inner dialogue. However, It can also be self destructive as a place where it’s easy to be consumed by the process of gaining followers and likes and becoming frustrated and upset at the often unpredicatable reaction to your posts. Sorry to waffle…lol! In short, I think it provides positives and negatives. I guess maintaining balance, and limiting your usage is the key to healthy relationship with Social Media.

What inspires you in your every day life? What gives you your creative boost visually?

I know its a super cliche response but I’m inspired by absolutley everything! I’m lucky to work for a creative brand with a colourful product so I’m inspired every day. Following my friends on platforms such as IG and Twitter also inspire me.

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When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I never really wanted to be anything specific. I’ve always had quite a creative head and actually went into hairdressing when I left school. Due to suffering with my mental health I then hopped through various retail jobs which is kinda where I’ve found my feet. I love working with people and retail/customer service provides me the perfect environment. Working with children also gives me unlimited fulfillment! 🙂

How would you describe your personal style?

Hmm tricky… Quirky, pastel, fairykei, disney, …

I see you post a lot about cats! Are you a big animal lover?

Huge! I’m obsessed with cats and most small fluffy things. I’ve been a vegetarian for most of my life and experimented with a vegan lifestyle the past 2 years.

Taken from Instagram

What kind of creative things do you do on a daily basis? I.e. writing, photography, drawing, craft?

I love to write and journal. I’m a huge geek with stationery and planners etc. I also love to photograph and have recently started doing live videos with my IG which I have loved!

Last question, what’s on the horizon for you? Any future plans?

I want to continue growing my Instagram and transitioning onto Youtube. I love to film my experiences and showing a little more of me to the kawaii world. I would like to one day own my own little kawaii stationery business, and exhibit at shows such as Hyper Japan.

Ya’ll can follow Simon’s little kawaii bubble on:

@kawaiidisneyguy – IG

@kawaiidisneyguy – Twitter