Happy Friyay Cupcakers!

It is the end of the week, and I have a glorious weekend off to look forward to, with writing, eating and sleeping galore! Today also means I get to pick four fabulous ‘grammers to obsess and even swoon over.

I’m really excited for this piece as I get to share with you all my inspirations and just some down-right awesome creatives.

Taken from Instagram.com and tweaked 😀

Instagram name: @gemmazelda
Followers to date: 916
Favourite colour: Pink ♥
Perfect for: Those who are Zelda, Disney and Pokemon obsessed!

First up is my gurl Gemma, she is someone that I met on Instagram first of all, then I randomly bumped into her at Hyper Japan in the summer!

Her pastel hair is to dye for (geddit?) and she always posts such cute images, her love of Pokemon is one of my favourite things ever. Her make up style is always very simple, like a china doll. Kawaii-envy.

Instagram name: @xmiss_bunnyx
Followers to date: 1,520
Favourite colour: I’m going to guess Green! ♥
Perfect for: Kawaii Goths and Cyber Goths who love PVC!

Fellow Brighonian Miss Bunny is every bit the cyber chick, with amazing eye make up (how on earth can anyone get lines that sharp?) and seriously awesome style. She makes her own clothes and has a blog too! I love her pastel hair and how it’s always changing colour. What a babe.

Instagram name: @ohsokawaiixoxo
Followers to date: 6,009
Favourite colour: Pink! ♥
Perfect for: Mermaids, Unicorns and Barbie lovers alike!

Third in my little list is super mermaid princess Sarah, AKA Oh So Kawaii! Her aesthetic is just too cute to handle, every picture she puts up makes me smile and I just want all of her pastel clothes! Her hair changes between pink and blonde, such a doll! Oh and be sure to check out all her other profiles.

Instagram name: @lady.nada
Followers to date: 7,494
Favourite colour: Literally any colour ♥
Perfect for: Fierce bitches who don’t give a fck

Last but by no means least is this seriously kool kat. She looks like a Bratz doll made over by drag queens. Her confidence in front of a camera is so commendable and enviable! Her outfits are so inspired, like something out of an 80’s night club, but with a modern edge. She takes kitsch and turns it on its head. A household name this girl. Be sure to check out her Facebook.

So bad ass 😛

That’s it for this week, beauties, I hope you are all as creatively charged as I am. I know people tend to criticise  Instagram, but when used properly it can be a great tool for creatives like myself to gain some real insight into what’s going on in the world, and take inspiration from it!

I love exploring other people’s accounts and ooing and aahing over their make up, hair and clothing. Plus looking at artists, photographers and other writers work gives me such motivation to do well in this already-over saturated industry.

Anyway, enjoy exploring the ‘gram Cupcakers!


Meesh xoxo