Hola Cupcakers!

It’s Thursday once again, which not only means it’s nearly my favourite kind of f-word (actually second favourite)…. it also means that it’s trend day!

This week is all about wrapping up warm but staying fabulous, which is actually really tricky to achieve, seeing as all I want to do is engulf myself in as many unflatteringly-warm layers as humanly possible. Like some sort of fashionably-challenged Caterpillar…..

I’ve decided to show you some products from the Matalan website, considering I spend my life in the store. And we have some gorgeous snuggly clothes that have come into ladieswear in particular.

First up is this pastel perfect boucle cowl neck jumper for just £16. It’s soft, fluffy, and paired with some killer skinny jeans and chunky ankle boots is the perfect date outfit for that all-so-romantic walk in the woods.

Next is this super indulgent bardot tunic jumper, it comes in baby pink and black (I have the black one) and is the perfect fluffy knit to wear next to the cosy fire at that all so extravagant ski resort in the French Alps.

Or for those of us who live a little closer to earth a great garment to partner up with wet look leggings and ballet flats. And for £18, well, how can you resist?

[vcex_image_swap primary_image=”889″ secondary_image=”888″]

These leather-look PU trousers are another recent acquisition of mine, and my god are they comfy! The soft lining keeps your legs warm but the shiny look is so trendy and edgy. It’s the best of both worlds. They’re only £16, and I would wear them with some killer heels, probably sandals like the model. Although mine would be flat-forms obviously, because I cannot walk in spindly heels to save my life.

I’d tuck in a soft white shirt for that extra sophisticated touch. Or if you want to dress them down, then pair with a band t-shirt and low tops. Voila! Instant gorgeous-nous.

We can’t talk about keeping warm in winter and not talk about coats and jackets of course! And this grey dolly coat, complete with detachable fur collar is just double-breasted magic.

I love this coat, it’s so well fitted and can be worn with almost anything. I imagine wearing it with a midi skirt, woolen tights and Mary-Janes. But that’s just me. £35 to boot. So reasonable!

Now this £40 faux fur beauty isn’t actually available online yet, and I haven’t seen it come into my store, but it’s definitely going on here. Now I adore everything faux fur, I instantly feel so sassy and glam whenever I slip into one of these bad boys- the fluffier the better in my opinion.

Wear it with anything, from jeans and a scruffy tee to a glittery party frock, and I mean it, you’ll automatically look like a bad ass bitch. Paired with sky high heels and sunglasses that even Anna Wintour would look twice at and you’re ready to go chicka!

All of these goodies I found on matalan.co.uk of course, but you can pop into your local store and have a lovely little look at the coats and knitwear that we have to offer.

One last thought, my fun little fashionistas, no matter what you wear this winter, and where you wear it, make sure you channel Carrie Bradshaw from SATC and wear it fierce!

Stay Stylish Cupcakers!

Love Meesh ♥

Image Taken from http://fora.mtv.ca/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/carrie2.jpg