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Dear Diary

So today was just awful! Like the worst day of my life! I know the other girls will say I’m being a total drama queen, but, like, I’m totally not kidding! This has been the worst day!

It all started this morning, when I got up. I set my alarm for, like, 7.30 as normal. Then I stumbled over to my vanity desk, sat down to check my emails on my mac, and spotted the BIGGEST zit I have ever seen in my whole life!

So, obviously, as you can imagine, I FREAKED OUT, which caused my mom and dad to rush in thinking someone had died. I explained to them about my zit and my dad answered ‘Cloe, you’re SUCH a drama queen!’. They so don’t totally get it, I COULD NOT to go school with a zit as big as that. And it didn’t help with my little brother teasing me, being all ‘CLOE’S GOT A ZIT!!! CLOE’S GOT A ZIT!!!’ Eurgh, so annoying.

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Naturally, my next move was to call Yasmin, she always knows how to get rid of unsightly blemishes and zits. Her face masks are kind of gross (anchovies and everything) but they totally work! And they’re all natural and totally make me feel like a princess.

‘Hey Cloe! What’s up?’ She’s such a morning person, I don’t know how she does it….

‘Oh my god, Yas, I am LITERALLY having the worst morning ever! I have a zit the size of MARS Yasmin! MARS! What do I do??? Help me!’

‘OK, Angel, calm down, I’m coming over, let me just finish my poem’ (Yasmin loves to write, it’s like her dream to be a journalist one day.)

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‘OK Yas’ I say, feeling slightly calmer even by the sound of her soft voice.

‘Hang in there Cloe, I’ll be there in a flash’.

So I laid back onto my bed, flat like a starfish; contemplating what my life was worth; you know, the usual teenage stuff…

Yasmin got to mine, like, 20 minutes later. She only lives round the block luckily, otherwise who knows what kind of melt down I could have had. Seriously, this zit was huge! She came totally prepared, oatmeal, anchovies, banana, cucumber for my eyes (it’s amazing at getting rid of dark circles girls…I swear on my Jimmy Choos) and even a scented candle!

‘Your favourite scent Angel, Soft Cotton!’ (she was totally right, that is my ultimate fave.)

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So, we got to school, (Sasha and Jade met us there) and I had enough make up covering what’s left of my zit to lay a sidewalk!

We ran into Dylan and Cameron (eep!) and, as per usual, Dylan was wearing waayyyy too much cologne. Cameron came right up to me (!) and asked me why I looked different.

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I don’t really know if any of the girls know this, but I’ve had a crush on Cameron ever since the sixth grade! He’s super cute and is way into motorcycles, plus his eyes are dreamy and his smile makes me melt!

*AHEM* anyway, moving on. He asked me why I look different, and me being me, I started rambling on about my totally awful and stressful morning. He just gave me this startled deer look, as if I just told him I shot his mom (I can’t believe how much I cried at that movie. Even after the 10th time of watching it!)

Sasha then elbowed me in the ribs, realising how shocked Cameron was at my outburst, and changed the subject completely; talking about this new album that’s just dropped by DJ Chip Chop.

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I gotta hand it to her, she really knows her stuff when it comes to music, especially Hip Hop! I wish I had her talent for finding new beats.

As if things couldn’t get any worse, right in the middle of Sasha explaining how much DJ Chip Chop’s sound has evolved since he became famous, the Principle’s assistant’s voice came crackling out of our super old sound system;

“Attention Students, would Cloe Mendoza please come to the Principle’s office, immediately, thank you.”

Obviously I started freaking out again, and Jade just turned to me and says “Don’t sweat it Angel, I’m sure everything’s fine!” (Yeah right)

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So after breathing heavily into a brown paper bag for about 20 minutes, I finally made my way to Principle Dimly’s office, after being intercepted by the Tweevils.

They teased me of course, in unison:

Cloe’s in trouble! Cloe’s in trouble! Cloe’s in trouble!”

*Shudder* I can’t stand those girls.

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After waiting in the assistant’s office for what seemed like forever, Principal Dimly finally called me into his office.

And what he told me is not what I wanted to hear; AT ALL.

“As you know Cloe, we pride ourselves on our academic results here at Style’s High School, and we want to make sure that any students that are struggling with their school work receive the proper support. Both from faculty and even their peers.”

I was confused, I wasn’t failing any of my classes, I’d maintained a B average, especially after that incident with Burdine teaching our fashion class. Remember that? When we had to do a whole fashion show with pink as the theme? It was super duper tricky but made for an awesome Bratz Magazine article.

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Then it hit me, was I failing gym again? I know they’d fired that super strict rugby coach that was secretly working with Burdine, but had they kept my F?? It couldn’t be……

Clearly the Principle was expecting a response, however as I my mind was like literally racing the only look that appeared was that of pure horror! The Principle looked really worried suddenly, and said ‘Cloe, are you OK? You look very pale’

Suddenly the room started spinning, then everything went black….

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‘Cloe! Cloe!’

I wake up, 30 minutes later in the nurses room, surrounded by all my friends, with Sasha practically yelling in my face.

‘Cloe! Wake up girl!’

‘What’s going on?’ I mumble sleepily.

‘Cloe! You’re OK?! We were worried about you!’ piped up Yasmin, basically in tears.

The nurse said, irritably, from her computer ‘Yes Miss Mendoza, you did give us quite a bit of a scare. Now everyone out please, I need to examine Cloe properly and you’re all in the way.’

She shooed everyone out of her tiny office, then started poking and prodding me with her pointy finger.

‘OWWW’ I moaned.

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After what felt like FOREVER, after the nurse had finished prodding and poking me, I FINALLY got let out. I was on my way back to class, when I noticed crying coming from the girls bathroom. I let my curiosity get the better of me, so I slowly creeped in, hoping no one would hear me.

OH! Dinner’s ready, talk again soon!

Love Cloe